Your artwork can be digitized applique embroidery punch files that can be stitched with easy, whether or not it’s a commercial project.

Digitizing small letters becomes difficult when dealing with lowercase letters, as attention to detail and quality must be preserved.

So if you want it to look sharp without losing quality, pay attention to the width of your text. Embroidery experts suggest letter sizes should be about a quarter inch or larger, which is considered the shortest length.

Also, you should consider the width and height of the characters. Width is usually the most important factor, but for some characters height is also an important consideration.

Also remember to use a small needle type along with fine thread. This is very useful for small text. The most commonly used needle type is 75/11 and is used in many projects. However, if you want to handle tricky text, you can also choose 70/10. This will make your work even better.

Make sure to keep away from curvy or small digitizing letters and proper underlay.