Acceptance of Term

Digitizers Patch facilitates embroidery digitizing and vector art files by following their TOS (Term of Services) and if you don’t agree with our TOS, then it is not for you to use Digitizers Patch.

Ownership of File

All the digitized and vector files are designed for the customer. The digitized and vector downloaded file can be used as the customer product and it can be sold to someone else also if the customer wants to do this. The customer will be considered the owner of the file and we will be having the full right to use it.

Digitizers Patch is a company that converts logos or designs into embroidery digitize files and will charge for the service that you avail from our company. The digitized file will not remain the property of Digitizers Patch.

We as Digitizers Patch don’t sell your reuse without the permission of the customer. We are not responsible for converting any copyright files.

Compatibility of the Product

Digitizers Patch is equipped with all types of advanced machines file formats and we suggest our valuable customers to have a sample run of the file before running in the final production and claiming that the file doesn’t work properly. Our all orders are completed with perfect quality. Since it is your responsibility also to check your file to have a proofreading of the file as a sample run.

Digitizers Patch will not be responsible for any loss that occurred in the design products that were not requested for editing before production.

Credits and Refund

Digitizers Patch provides you fast checkout system from where you can download your digitized file instantly and purchasing it from us. There will be no trial version or period after purchasing it and that is considered to be the final output of the production. Once you get the file from us, then there will be no Credit Refund.

We will design all the designs according to customer requirements as per the order. Digitizers Patch will not entertain any credit refund if the dimensions of the design had been given inappropriate by the customer. But we provide 30 day free trials of free editing as a standard if they require any adjustment stitching and that can be done free of cost.

If the Digitizers Patch fails to produce a great quality of product to the customer that the customer can claim their credit refund.

Edits and Adjustment

Digitizers Patch will give you unconditional favor in terms of minor edits and adjustment for any order with a limited period loss of 30 days without any charges. The edits after 30 days will not of free of charge.

Having major edits and adjustments will be charged and the charges will be charged after viewing the edits of the design by our Digitizers Patch team when we receive a request for editing.

Request for Sampling

The sew out design will be viewed multiple times by the Digitizers Patch team so that the final scan output sew out can be finalized and so it can be sent to our client.

Turnaround Time

Digitizers Patch guarantees you a 24 hours turnaround and will not be responsible for any unseen technical problem but we will facilitate you with a discount as the order submit is urgent.

Due Date Bills

Our valuable customers are requested to pay the invoices within the due date but if the invoices are not paid till 7 days then you will not be entertained for any other order request or cant place a quote in these such cases. Paying the due payments, your account will be reopened again and your issue will be solved by our accounts department via an email help desk.

Termination and Suspension of Accounts

Digitizers Patch have the right reserved that they can terminate or suspend any account. There are some conditions on which Digitizers Patch can suspend any account which is as follows:

Misbehave or abusive behavior towards Digitizers Patch staff or other customers.

Delivery of the Product

Digitizers Patch have client portal facility where you can download your digitized and vector files or manage edits, invoices anytime.

Product Price Charges

Digitizers Patch reserves the right of changing the product price with/ without notice. Further, we may add more or new products to our list without any notice.

Copyright Claims

Digitizers Patch respects proper copyright and in order to send copyright notification to Digitizers Patch; please forward the information related to the copyright claim to support Digitizers Patch.

In order to file a copyright notification with us and for that, you need to send a written document that consists of substantially and consult your legal personnel or see section 512(c) from the digital Millennium copyright act to confirm these requirements.

Physical or electronic signature of an authorized person to act on a behalf of the owner for the exclusive right. Identify the copyrighted work that is claimed to be infringed or if there are multiple copyrights that work for the single notification, a representative list of works. Information reasonably sufficient to permit Digitizers Patch to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, an email address at which the complaining party can be conducted. The complainant believes that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the law. The statement is accurate and under penalty of perjury, I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is all.

Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we use your personal information. We respect your privacy and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Read our full Privacy Policy for further details.