Digitizers Patch is knowledgeable about left chest digitizing and digitizing services. When converting embroidery designs to a machine-friendly format, left chest digitization is the process of taking an embroidered logo and converting it into a machine-friendly .dst file for apparel such as t-shirts. In most cases, this proposal uses software such as (Wilcom), but there are many options depending on the type of digitization. One of the most popular options for digitizing work is Wilcom's software. With the help of this software, you can get a powerful and easy-to-use edition.

Left digitizing also allows for color contrast adjustment. It is ideal for photo printing as it can print in a variety of color and contrast settings. Left chest digitization can be used to print components such as text, characters and microscopic images with detailed color depth. We never remove small text from our designs. For best digitizing results with the smallest bust size, always avoid text and thumbnail images less than 25 points high. 

We offer this possibility so that you can protect your files, as you may want to make changes to them. Please give us a review when you receive the file. If changes are possible, they can be verified to be correct before the design is sewn onto the garment.