You can digitize anything on the back of your jacket and you ain't a real biker if you haven't digitized back of the jacket. At Digitizers Patch, you get a vast variety of digitizing services, such as:

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Jacket back digitizing is one of the specialized fields of embroidery digitizing services and includes artwork and designs specifically digitized to be stitched on the back of leather jackets.

The exquisiteness and elusive nature of jacket back digitizing makes it a highly sought-after artwork among creative and artistic people. At Digitizers Patch, we ensure the highest quality standards of our digitized files for the most authentic and artistic feel on jacket backs.

Digitizing for jacket back is a complex process that needs extensive training and years of experience to master it fully. It's one unique component that requires extreme concentration, skill, and mastery to be executed perfectly. Only the most experienced and skilled technicians can create precise stitches that meet the exacting standards required for jacket back design. Vectorizing a bitmap image of the back design of a jacket can range from 40,000 to 150,000 stitches, and any oversight could affect the final design, especially if the design is stretched or 20% or more. affect.

This is one of the reasons why we have invested heavily in carefully selected digitizers to ensure high quality custom embroidery digitizing services.

We offer digitization services for the back of jackets. We know how to maintain the quality of our products by using the latest machines. Vibrant color combinations and modern, fashionable thread embroidery add to the overall quality and feel. The geometric and floral designs are attractive, and the eye-catching and unique style makes customers love their creations.The company specializes in providing an innovative service that digitizes the backside of jackets. . We are very active in increasing your company's profits. We are very passionate about making your order amazing and unusual through our excellent service. We look forward to pampering your face with satisfaction and smiles. These services can touch the modern and traditional effects of fashion and make it more trendy and stylish.The creative team strives to create durable products at very affordable prices to attract customers. We spend a lot of time designing and delivering at

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Style is the most important factor. Don't style all items the same. The shape of the handle is the same for all types, but the way attachments are attached differs for each type. We also focus on styles. Our services are invaluable to anyone looking for a reliable jacket back digitization, raster to vector conversion, and embroidery digitization company that can complete it on time. All users want to be successful and confident, so they need the right help and most struggle. We offer a wide range of services to ensure the ultimate in relaxation. All your worries will soon disappear.