The digitization of hats and caps is a unique and specialized field of digitization of embroidery, which is in high demand these days. The complexity involved in the process requires highly skilled and experienced digitizers to ensure engraving accuracy and a polished final product. You will want to visit again and again with the high quality digitization service at Digitizers Patch.

Cap's digitization services have two broad categories based on their structure. Structured and unstructured; both include a wide variety of hat embroidery designs.


Structured hats and hats refer to six panel hats. However, if you would like to see the embroidery on the hat, you can ask a support person to show you the pattern.

Two important digitizing considerations when digitizing structured caps and hats are bottom to top and middle to top. Due to the digitization procedure, this technique is also called the center-out technique.  


Caps with five panels are called unstructured. The center-out technique is not necessary when digitizing unstructured caps. As cap frames fit snugly into the frame. However, non-rigid fabrics such as caps and hats require more precision and adjustment in digitizing.